Fee protection service


HMRC raises millions of pounds every year through tax investigations. Do you want to avoid your business adding to this figure? We can help protect you.

You are not just paying for protection

Once you have made the decision to cover yourself against a potentially costly experience, you will receive many more benefits as part of your package.

The service includes access to helplines for:

    • Employment Law specialists providing pro-active HR advice helping you to manage your employees.
    • Commercial Legal consultants and experienced solicitors who will advise you on all areas of law including contract, corporate, property and landlord and tenant.
    • Health and safety support. Do you really know what the responsibilities and implications are?

Fee protection covers:

    • Corporation tax
    • Personal tax / self assessment
    • PAYE / National Insurance
    • P11D
    • Construction Industry Scheme / CIS
    • IR35
    • VAT
    • The National Minimum Wage
    • Gift Aid legislation and regulations
    • Stamp duty


We can deal with the whole process on your behalf.

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The Business Advantages of HMRC Fee Protection

A fee protection service can make a significant difference to your business pressures, costs, and viability if you find yourself subject to investigative action from HMRC, even if you have absolute confidence that your tax returns, VAT, tax obligations and declarations are complete, compliant, and up to date.

There are countless reasons disputes or tax enquiries can occur. Regardless of whether this escalates into a full investigation, it can be time-consuming and challenging for businesses and managers to dedicate to the process.

In many cases, an HMRC enquiry can be resolved promptly and efficiently with a professional dialogue to uncover the trigger for the enquiry and provide every piece of documentation or evidence to conclude the matter and allow you to return to running your business – without downtime or operational disruption that often comes when you need it least.

James Todd & Co accountants are a highly experienced commercial accounting team and we can support and advise clients during HMRC audits, enquiries, and investigations – and we appreciate that the anxiety associated with these enquiries is often the most detrimental outcome.

The Fee Protection service provides full coverage, expert support, and representation to ensure your business is safeguarded from any impacts of an HMRC investigation and protects your time and cash flow from potential costs.

Managing the Time and Costs of an HMRC Investigation or Tax Enquiry

HMRC enquiries are often initiated as part of a wider audit of a particular sector, tax allowance or scheme and may not necessarily relate to your specific financial returns. However, the difficulty is that compliance is mandatory, and it can be all but impossible to retain your business focus and maintain the appropriate levels of service while managing these sometimes-complex matters.

Taking out the Fee Protection service is an investment in your future business security. It ensures that if any enquiry or investigation crops up, you have a skilled team of financial professionals for more support behind you to manage the process end to end.

James Todd & Co fee protection services are comprehensive and cover all nature of HMRC queries, including VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Fee protection acts as a safety net, where clients can appoint capable accountants as agents to manage the case on your behalf without any financial strain associated with the most robust representation.

We can take the reins with our level of experience and knowledge, and help you navigate the process, and preserve your focus without adding the stress of high costs to your workload.