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Expert Accountancy and Advisory Services for Consultants and Professionals

The specialists at James Todd & Co bring together over thirty years of experience and sector knowledge, supporting consultants, consultancy businesses, and professionals of all accreditations. We help professional clients comply with regulatory audit and reporting obligations, monitor profitability and industry trends, and gain insights into tax efficiencies and trading structures that may be beneficial.

Specialist Accounting Services for the Professional and Consultancy Sector

We acknowledge that many consultants, working domestically and internationally and in every industry, rely on their skills, proficiency, analytical capacity, and commercial awareness to serve their own clients or fulfil directorship, project-based, or contractual work.

A common side effect is that most successful, in-demand consultants have little time to invest in bookkeeping, tax management, cash flow forecasting, or evaluating the financial pros and cons of new opportunities.

Our team focuses on clarity and transparency, whether extracting data and observations from your reporting, advising on financial decisions you may need to make, or ensuring your back-office systems are solid, dependable and up to speed.

Just as consultants and professionals in academia, medicine, architecture, law, commerce, science or property markets work to educate and inform the agencies and corporations they work with, our job is to provide the scope of support you need to achieve continual business growth.

Many professionals are subject to regulatory audits, and our in-house auditors can assist in clarifying the requirements and how they apply to your business and conducting comprehensive audits as necessary.

What to Expect From an Accountancy Team Focusing on Consultancy Businesses

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to accounting for a professional, consultant, or business trading in the space, and we adapt accordingly to ensure you have the right assistance to achieve your overarching aims or reshape your business strategy.

We work with partnerships, company directors, and consultancy practices of all sizes, many of whom initially require help with statutory requirements such as preparing annual accounts or determining the correct tax treatment of a transaction, who go on to access insights into the best ways to approach challenges or resolve financial constraints.

Frequent issues can include late client payments, difficulties in service pricing, accessing funding for business growth, managing and analysing overheads, reviewing project-specific operating costs and fluctuating income streams and resources.

Proactive, real-time management accounting, expense tracking, budgeting, and accounts receivable management can all go a long way toward delivering a resolution, ensuring you have control over your cash flow and the assurance that all reporting is on time and well-managed.

Professional and Consultancy Sector Clients We Support

Consultants and professionals work across the breadth of commerce, science, research, education, medicine, law and every other area. We work with diverse clients, from high-net-worth self-employed consultants to multi-team organisations drawing on the best talent in their respective field. As an overview, clients include:

    • Specialist freelance consultants
    • Business management consultants
    • Marketing and media consultants
    • Executives in health and safety
    • HR and IT professionals
    • Medical and laboratory professionals
    • Academics and educators
    • Solicitors, lawyers and architects
    • Real estate consultants and brokers
    • Designers, developers and analysts

We always begin with a private consultation, during which we can discuss your business structure, objectives, current performance, key concerns, or the areas of financial management where you would value independent advice or need help to comply with reporting, audit, tax accounting, or VAT management requirements.

Our team includes accredited, highly qualified accountants and auditors who specialise in niche areas. Where regulatory reforms or obligations are a factor, a suitable accountant can be appointed to work with you to conform to best practice standards.

Picking the Relevant Accounting and Advisory Services as a Professional or Consultant

Every client is different, and the assistance you require may depend on the business’s lifecycle, your market position, the industries you operate within, and your pressure points. We customise our support without fixed service packages, ensuring you can choose the areas where you would like independent accountancy and advisory assistance.

Accounting and Taxation Compliance

Our taxation services cover all areas, ensuring personal and business tax liabilities are subject to all available reliefs or allowances, filing statutory accounts and declarations on time, and providing comprehensive VAT accounting support.

Internal Controls and Bookkeeping

As a certified partner for some of the most used cloud-enabled bookkeeping and software packages, we offer support with MTD transitions, change management when switching to next-gen accounting software, and implementing internal controls to give you always-on oversight.

Cash Flow and Budgeting

Forecasting, budgeting, and planning for tax liabilities are often key. We use regular reporting and performance reviews to deliver reliable, accurate plans to assist in resource allocation and anticipate and respond to financial fluctuations.

Statutory and Regulatory Audits

Consultants and professionals must adhere to varied standards, from regulatory audits to demonstrating compliance with sector-specific guidelines or analysing risk management and reporting standards. We offer complete audit services from the accredited auditors within our team.

What we offer at a glance

Full accounting service

Business start-ups and company formation
Stress-free bookkeeping
Stress-free payroll
Cloud-based accounting

Quarterly review and management accounts

Goals to Growth consulting
Taxation support & advice
Fee protection service
Statutory audit

Trust us we’re Xero and Sage experts

Contact Our Specialist Accountancy Team for Professionals and Consultants

Our approach is always personal. We combine the attention to detail and relationships that define us as a long-standing accountancy practice with the capacity and skill to manage financial affairs and tax compliance matters for consultancy and professional practices of all sizes. Please get in touch, and we’ll schedule a good time to talk.

Some words from our wonderful clients..

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"We have worked with Michelle and Kevin for many years. We were a small Partnership when we started using them for our annual accounts; as they grew as company so did we. With all their expertise and advice we turned our 500K turnover business into a 3.5 million Turnover business. They do our monthly management accounts and review and advise us on strategies to help us continually grow. The wide range of services they offer is amazing from Tax advice to Payroll and much more!"

- Danny Knight, Director, Knight Fencing Ltd. - client since 2007

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"Running your own business can be incredibly stressful, You need someone you trust who is on your side and who you can call whenever you need help or advice. I have that with James Todd & Co."

- Julia Haviland, Director, Brittain Marketing Services Ltd

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"James Todd & Co have been our accountants since 1997 and have provided excellent services throughout our time together. They have undertaken our CIS, Payroll, VAT and end of year accounts during this period and have been excellent throughout. They have a great team, all of which are a credit to the company."

- Steve Carder, Director, Facilities Fire Protection Ltd - client since 1997