Business Audit Services


We plan our audits to minimise disruption to your working environment. We keep to agreed timescales, deadlines and costs.

We are Registered Auditors authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to carry out statutory audits in the UK.

Statutory audit is traditionally provided to large firms with a turnover in excess on £10m, however in certain circumstances smaller companies may require an audit to reassure a bank or external shareholder, or to comply with internal regulations.

A qualified accountant and audit specialist leads all our audits. We can deal with the most complex reporting requirments. Many of our audit clients are subsidiaries of foreign holding companies.

Charity / Not for Profit Audit Services

We specialise in bespoke audit solutions for charities and the not for profit sector. Our dedicated team ensure a smooth and effective process for regulatory and financial compliance. 

Statutory audits for charities are a key component of good governance in the not-for-profit sector. Not least providing a critical check on financial and operational health, ensuring they meet legal requirements, manage risks effectively, operate transparently with donor confidence to efficiently fulfill their purpose.

Corporate Audit Services

With a dedicated and specialist audit team, we support larger firms with statutory and regulatory business audits including public companies, financial and insurance companies, UK subsidiaries and those over the £10m threshold. In addition we have experience in providing one-off or ad-hoc audit solutions in situations of acquisition, merger or retirement.


We are Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors, our audit team stays up-to-date with developments in laws, practices, regulations and procedures.

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Our accredited audit specialists understand the regulations governing the handling of client money and can give you clear feedback on your systems and controls.

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Audit services are essential for countless businesses to comply with statutory financial reporting requirements, evidence management performance for stakeholders or assure lenders and investors that companies are producing accurate financial statements with sufficient internal controls.

Internal audit processes can be equally valuable for leadership teams across all industry sectors, providing the latest insights into:

    • Operational effectiveness
    • Governance
    • Risk management
    • Regulatory and legal compliance

All James Todd & Co audit and assurance services are delivered by our capable, experienced teams, specialising in complex reporting and group audit projects and with a customised approach to meet your business needs.

High-Quality Audits and Professional Assurance Services

The audit landscape has changed significantly in recent years, with increasing demands on business resources – outsourcing your audit to a suitably qualified assurance professional ensures you receive the insights and reporting required in a cost-effective way.

We work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their organisational objectives, operating environment, and risks, ensuring that each audit plan is structured to deliver feedback on key performance deliverables and targets.

James Todd & Co provides a range of best practice audit service options, including:

    • Statutory audit: an audit of your financial accounts, with a verified report delivered to your informed management or audit committee, including evaluations of variance controls and accounting accuracy.
    • Internal audit: a systematic review of all key processes and systems relevant to your business plan, including assessments of asset safeguarding, legal and regulatory compliance, information integrity and management of risks.
    • Regulatory audit: a professional audit for businesses such as estate agents, letting agents, solicitors and consultants to deliver assurance reporting to your management team, professional body or oversight committee reporting on the efficiency of internal systems and controls.

Taking the right approach to audit and assurance can turn a mandatory exercise into a valuable service, unpicking better ways to deliver value to stakeholders and clients and identifying opportunities for improvement or innovation in your internal processes.

Our Business Audit Processes

Our audit teams have skills and expertise performing in-depth assurance assessments for a broad range of clients in varying business and industry settings and will always consult with you to understand the scope and purpose of your audit.

Although many businesses assume that they need to provide assurance to satisfy regulatory or third-party requirements, a thorough audit can be a good tool to manage risk, analyse performance and benchmark successes against industry averages.

For more information about the benefits of audit and assurance analyses for your business, please enquire using the form below.

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