Quarterly review and management accounts


Do you want to get more out of your financials? Our quarterly review and management accounts package will give you the real-time financial information you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

The benefits of this total support service are priceless.

Total support at a glance

Reviewing your sales and purchase ledgers
Checking the bank reconciliation
Checking the VAT reconciliation
Checking that all other control accounts are reconciled
Accounting for prepayments and accruals
Maintenance of fixed asset register
Maximising your tax deductions
Email and telephone support
Free software introduction training for your bookkeeper
Quarterly management reporting – Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet
Estimation of tax liabilities accruing

Additional extras – chargeable

Bookkeeping review
Filing VAT return
Advanced software training

We will work with you to identify the information most needed to run your business. Our team will present it in a way you understand, so that you can see at a glance how your business is performing. We will estimate your tax liabilities throughout the year.

We will make sure you are on track with your paperwork and that all your financial information is accurate, which includes making sure you are claiming every penny against tax and VAT. We will save you money on your year end accounts because we won’t need to do extra work on your financials before producing them.

As we can access your financials 24/7, we will be right by your side to help you run and grow your business and to help you make key business decisions.

Complimentary Financial Consultation

For a limited period we are offering businesses in Sussex and Hampshire a complimentary financial consultation.

By understanding the metrics of your business, our qualified team is able to provide a detailed overview and offer suggestions that will provide insight and help you make pivotal trading decisions to shape the future of your business.

Book your complimentary financial consultation today and we will arrange a convenient time to review your metrics and allow you to understand how we can help shape a positive future for your business.

Why Management Accounts are Vital to Making Informed Business Decisions

Many business owners focus on statutory accounts, including a profit and loss and balance sheet, filed with Companies House as part of the annual year-end accounts process.

However, disregarding monthly or quarterly management accounts can be a significant mistake without the real-time information, company cash flow overview or bank reconciliation exercises that are so important to enable the management team to implement strategic decision-making.

Preparing management accounts and supporting reports on a regular and consistent basis can be a considerable competitive advantage:

    • Monthly management accounts break down the details of profit and cost drivers, enabling businesses to see which products, departments or branches are hitting all their key performance indicators – and which require improvement.
    • A cash flow statement is vital to understanding bottlenecks or gaps in money inflows that need urgent action to prevent arrears or creditor issues.
    • Financial reports produced monthly can provide important comparisons between the same period the previous year, giving managers information about the context of their performance and profitability.
    • Future business plans are substantially more accurate when prepared with key information about current financial performance to ensure budgets and planning are precise and up to date.

Business owners that rely on this level of reporting may not have sufficient time to allocate to preparing management accounts, which is where our regular, consistent management accounting service can provide invaluable information and ensure you are abreast of the finances – both at the forefront and behind the scenes.

How Often Should a Business Produce Management Accounts?

Management accounts are one of the important financial statements that provide ‘at-a-glance’ business performance insight – and most clients prefer management accounts prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis, often depending on seasonality and the lifecycle stage of the organisation. 

However, some limited companies opt for more regular management accounting, as our support package includes several other beneficial services to ensure your bookkeeping and reporting are kept up to speed.

Monthly management accounts preparation includes updating records of assets, reconciling VAT, control accounts and balances, producing a detailed profit and loss account with an accompanying balance sheet, and calculating tax liabilities.

Financial forecasting is greatly improved with an updated look at your current financial health, ensuring you make sound judgements with complete awareness of your cash position, business performance and profitability, whether you opt for quarterly or monthly reports.

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