Construction and property sector


We have many years of experience acting for a range of clients within the construction and property sector including:

    • commercial property developers
    • land developers
    • property refurbishment companies
    • buy-to-let landlords
    • care homes
    • architects and surveyors
    • managing and letting agents
    • estate agents.

We support businesses of all sizes; from independent sub-contractors through to projects for nationally-recognised household names in the construction industry.

We have built a reputation for working closely with our clients to achieve significant tax savings through pro-active planning. We can offer advice on tax-efficient structures and strategies, profitability, funding and optimising cashflow to improve the running and profitability of your construction or property business.

Don’t let the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) catch you out. We can provide a comprehensive service that means everything will be taken care of each month, from reminders, submission to HMRC to the preparation of deduction certificates ready to be passed on to your subcontractors.

What do you get?

Setup CIS Scheme
Collate data
Verification of sub-contractors with HMRC
Submission of monthly returns with HMRC
Preparation of deduction certificates
Support/guidance on what is subject to CIS
Application for gross status if applicable
Liaising with HMRC for related queries
For our internal bookkeeping clients, we will also reconcile CIS deductions back to the accounts
One of the biggest risks to your business is poor financial control. We can put systems in place to project cashflow and cash requirements to avoid cash shortages. We can also put systems in place to provide you with real-time management information, which will determine the profitability of construction activities and projects so that overruns can be quickly addressed. VAT is a complex area and we can help you avoid any VAT traps before a project commences.

Specialist Accountancy Support for Construction Sector Businesses

Construction and property is a broad, varied sector with a range of specific challenges, tax planning considerations and regulatory compliance factors essential for business owners to navigate. Our experienced advisers work with companies of all sizes, providing in-depth strategic support, practical advice and business planning.

The evolving tax landscape, changes to targets and priorities around housing development and infrastructure, investment opportunities and technology influence how developers, landlords, portfolio managers, contractors and property professionals plan and look to scale their organisations.

Working with a skilled accountancy team allows you to evaluate options, identify risks and make astute decisions about the financial future of your business.

Accounting Areas Crucial to the Property and Construction Industries

Any business engaged in property management, construction or maintenance will benefit from the correct use of tax efficiencies, reliefs and allowances.

Our accountancy consultants can work through your current trading structure, processes and tax liabilities to advise where efficiencies are available. Tax compliance remains crucial, but the strategic application of capital allowances and reliefs related to R&D activities can be highly advantageous.

Other elements of construction and property sector accountancy support include:

    • Accounting for CIS tax deductions, applicable to contractors, companies and self-employed tradespeople. Subcontractors that are not obliged to register may also wish to consider the pros and cons of optional registration.
    • Work-in-progress calculations and cost matching can be complex but are necessary for developers and contractors working on large-scale or long-term projects to ensure their reporting, performance measurements, and financial statements are accurate.
    • Budgeting and forecasting are essential, ensuring business owners can implement pre-emptive action to mitigate risks, make informed judgements about cash flow requirements and financing options, and grasp emerging opportunities.

As a specialist accountancy team, we provide advice and guidance for all relevant matters and go far beyond the administrative basics of accounts preparation, tax declarations and mandatory filings.

Accounting Innovation in Property and Construction

James Todd & Co can recommend cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping software suites and packages best suited to your business structure and requirements, ensuring you have real-time access to accurate reporting information and business data.

Our services include holistic consultations, where we analyse your business position and processes, suggest improvements available, and provide ongoing support as you grow.

Advice, discussion, expertise and knowledge can be fundamental to business success. A capable accountant can work through each aspect of your business plans to ensure you have all the necessary information and advice.